Why volunteer?

There are many reasons people choose to volunteer….

  • You’re the kind of person who likes to be involved, not the kind of person who likes to sit in the stands and watch. When you volunteer at the Moab Epic you are as much a part of the action as the racers themselves.
  • You’re thinking about racing yourself, and want to get a feel for the race is like before you jump right in. There’s no better way to see what it takes than to be intimately involved like you will be when you volunteer.
  • Your spouse is a racer and you want to support them.
  • You want to get that Race Voucher for a future race.

What is required?

There are several areas where we need help:

  • At the START/FINISH we need help with everything from parking, to registration/check-in to event scoring.
  • During the race itself we need people to staff manned checkpoints. Most of the time these are along roads and it involves sitting in your car and helping to keep track of racers as they come by. Sometimes though, it may require a hike into the desert and a fairly long time away from other support – you lets us know your preferences, and we’ll find a spot that’s right for you.
  • After the event itself we usually need help cleaning up and pulling CP markers off the course. This does not always have to be done immediately after the race, and is a good way to get a little workout.

And what do I get out of it?

You mean in addition to all of the intangible benefits mentioned above? You can earn a race voucher that is good toward future Gravity Play Sports Race!!! These can be transferred or traded, and although they have no cash value, can be worth quite a bit.

We generally offer a $100.00 race voucher for a 8-12 hour shift. Shorter or longer shifts are available and the voucher will be relative to the time of your shift. In addition we have event T-shirts and other schwag available for all volunteers.

So come see what the Moab Epic is all about! To apply please fill out the form below. Give us as much information possible.

Fill out the volunteer form below to apply.

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